I had seen one of my really good friends Kouma Samson wearing a PMA Fitwear shirt and was intrigued by it, gave them a follow on Instagram and was immediately inspired by the PMA movement.. reminded me on my Grandad that lives with my family and I and suffers from Alzheimer’s. I’m behind the company and brand 100 percent ! Love the positive mental attitude and all the good vibes about it #inspired - Wi Luke Raroa

Getting back into the gym was part of my journey out of depression. Now, the gym has become my happy place, and I’m proud to support a brand that promotes positive outlooks and carries a message of hope that I’ve got this! PMA is awesome, affordable, and promotes the type of person I want to be. - Jess Thompson

I started lifting when I was 14, what got me into the gym was my older brother. From him I took admiration. I turned to the gym because I was disappointed in the way I looked. As days went by I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment after leaving the gym, at this time I was also playing rugby. A few months later I ended dislocating my knee, 6 times, 3 times in both knees. I did countless months of Physio and still nothing seemed to work. When I had recovered and was declared to walk again I put myself in the gym again to recover. 2 years went by and I'm still working out to this day. But it wasn't always fun times. The night before my 17th birthday I lost my nana, on my birthday 5 years ago I lost my great grandfather. A few weeks later I had experienced my first heartbreak. At this time I was down and depressed. I told myself I can't control others and what they choose to do, all I can control is what I can do for myself. When I created a circle of things I could control, I turned to the gym. All my anger, depression and my emotions I took it out in the gym through lifting weights. Doing this helped deal with many day to day problems I encountered, any struggles, I could turn to the gym and that's where I would find my happy place. To this day I don't know where I would be without the gym, the gym is pretty much my second home. I remember watching a master class of one of the greatest philosophers in the world and one thing I took out of that master class that I will always remember is a quote it goes "good thing, bad thing, who knows". Now that means what ever situation you may face whether it has a negative or positive impact on your life it could be the best thing that ever happened to you or the best thing that never happened. I live by this day to day and it's helped me with my own life's challenges. I look back on it now and it's turned me into the person I am today, I’m a happier, more mature person than I was before, it's allowed me to appreciate the little things life throws at me, it's made me understand how much value I have for my time with my family and friends. The way I see it, if it didn't happen, it wouldn't had led me to be a brand ambassador for a clothing company that understands my values, it wouldn't have led me to pursue a bodybuilders life, it wouldn't have led to me inspire every single person I know to get in the gym. - Gracen Hoani